Here's the new 2025 Toyota HiLux with a tougher Tacoma-inspired look

The next HiLux is rumoured to share its underpinnings with American pick-ups – and if it looks like this, it'll be off to a good start

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August 7: How about a Prado ute?

While we wait for Toyota to unveil its next-gen HiLux, we've had a go at imagining how a new ute might look if it were based on the 2024 Prado, unveiled in August.

Check it out!

May 19: Here's the new 🌮!

Here it is, Toyota's new-gen Tacoma.

Get all the details at the link below, or continue reading our 2024 HiLux story here.

February 6: New HiLux rendered with next-gen Tacoma vibes

With official design patent application images of the next-generation Toyota Tacoma appearing online in January, we swooped on the opportunity to imagine how the related new HiLux might look.

As we outlined in our earlier story below, the new HiLux is expected to ride on the same TNGA-based platform that will underpin the next Tacoma – a light-duty ute that has long been popular in the North American market.

2025 Toyota Tacoma Design Patent Images 5
Above: the new Tacoma in design patent application images that surfaced online in January 2023. Click for more images.

Recent generations of HiLux have seen the company's Asian-market models follow their own styling cues, but we expect the new model to pull much closer to the bolder styling of its North American trucks.

Realistically, the company will need the new HiLux to carry a bold and powerful look, with Ford's new Ranger proving popular in its new look inspired by the 'F trucks' sold in the US.

Indeed, the local business will be keen to get a new-gen HiLux into market as quickly as possible, with the new Ranger now regularly winning the monthly sales battle.

2025 Toyota Hilux Rendering Whichcar Australia New 7

If the new HiLux looks anything like our speculative images here, it could prove more popular than ever before.

As for timing, the absence of any official word from Toyota, let alone any spy photos, suggests the new model is more than a year away from debut.

At this stage, we'd expect to see the new model debut in time for the 2025 model year – either late next year or early in the 2025 calendar year.

2025 Toyota Hilux Rendering Whichcar Australia New 4

When will the HiLux be replaced with a new model?

It's getting on a bit...

The current HiLux made its Australian debut in late 2015, before picking up a more stylish facelift in mid 2020. Since then, Toyota has enhanced the HiLux range further with a widened Rogue and a sorta-kinda hero GR Sport model, the latter due here in the second half of 2023.

2024 HiLux GR Sport

  • Up 15kW, 50Nm, wider tracks, modified suspension
  • Rival for Navara Warrior, Ranger Raptor
  • Most powerful HiLux sold in Aus
  • H2 2023 Australian release confirmed
Toyota Hilux GR Sport 2023 4

The story to here

September 2021: New HiLux, Fortuner to share platform with Tacoma

Ben Zachariah

Toyota will align four of its most popular models in the coming years by utilising its new chassis architecture.

According to a report in US publication Motor Trend, the next-generation Toyota's popular HiLux ute and its Fortuner SUV equivalent will share the TNGA modular platform with the Toyota Tacoma pick-up and 4Runner SUV.

The move to the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) unites the Tacoma and 4Runner – models only sold in the Americas – with HiLuxes and Fortuners sold in the rest of the world.

With a new model unveiled this week, the Tundra is the carmaker’s full-size pick-up, competing against the likes of the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevrolet Silverado – while the smaller Tacoma evolved from an earlier version of the HiLux.

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Just as the Fortuner is the SUV version of the HiLux, the ageing 4Runner is similarly related to the Tacoma, as well as sharing bloodlines with the FJ Cruiser and LandCruiser Prado 150 Series.

It’s likely the Japanese manufacturer will adopt a similar strategy to the new Tundra, which shares its TNGA-F underpinnings with the new LandCruiser 300 Series. While the ladder chassis allows any body to be fitted, both vehicles use near-identical powertrains and suspension design.

Exactly how similar Australia's Toyota ute is to its American cousin remains to be seen, with the next-generation HiLux not due to arrive until at least 2025.

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Ben Zachariah


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