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Wheels Media's WhichCar Network is the ultimate automotive site that has everything new car buyers need and car lovers want. It is powered by Australia’s premier motoring titles and provides reviews, advice and entertainment from respected brands such as Wheels, MOTOR, 4X4 and Street Machine. We cater for everyone, from mainstream shoppers to performance enthusiasts, and publish more than 600 stories a month written by experts with decades of experience.

Here’s how each of our key brands contribute to the WhichCar universe.


Since 1953, Wheels has been at the forefront of Australian motoring media and prides itself of having a broad scope that covers the entire motoring spectrum from ownership advice to enthusiast topics. It practically invented the modern-day comparison test and established the world’s longest continuously running Car of the Year award.


WhichCar caters to the mainstream new car buyer with simple, easy to understand reviews and advice. It cuts through the jargon to offer Australian consumers honest, easy-to-understand and authentic information to make their new car purchase a wise one.

4X4 Australia

As indispensable as a mud map and as versatile as a multi-tool, 4X4 Australia has been the go-to destination for off-road enthusiasts since 1978. Mixing in-depth vehicle reviews with off-the-beaten-track adventures, insightful gear tests and inspiring human-interest stories, 4X4 gives its readers the confidence and knowledge to enjoy Australia’s great outdoors.

Street Machine

Celebrating high-performance V8s, flawless bodywork and innovative engineering, Street Machine is Australia’s premier modified car brand. It's also deeply enmeshed in the culture and lifestyle of the custom car scene, celebrating the rolling works of art created by its talented and passionate fan base.