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Ford Ranger accessories

All the best gear to make your next-gen Ranger the toughest and most capable 4x4 on the tracks

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Welcome to your one-stop shop for 2023 Ford Ranger accessories and modifications, where you’ll find everything you need to optimise your next-gen Ranger for your specific needs.

We’ve categorised every piece of gear into four sections, depending on your intended purpose:

  • OFF-ROAD: Improve performance on mud, sand and everything in between.
  • TOURING: Remote-area 4x4ers and those who camp out of the vehicle.
  • TOWING: Pulling trailers, probably heavy ones.
  • SHOWING: Just to make the ute look schmick!

Buyers’ guide: 2023 Ford Ranger accessories

We class accessories as items that can be added to the base vehicle such as bullbars and canopies; whereas modifications are replacement items such as suspension and tyres.

We haven’t included generic accessories or modifications such as tyres, air compressors, driving lights or recovery equipment, unless they are somehow specific to the next-gen Ranger.

Ford has a wider range of accessories, which you can find on its website. These are mostly produced in partnership with ARB, but not all ARB accessories are listed on the Ford website or appear to be Ford-approved. We have listed the Ford accessories as ARB in this guide.

As the new Ranger is a popular model and many companies are rushing products to market, we can’t promise that every product available is listed here. And, in some cases, products have been announced before availability.

General advice

There are hundreds of products available for 4x4s in Australia - especially for the Ranger, as it’s the most popular ute - so here are some buying tips:

  • Check car compatibility: A ‘Ford Ranger’ could be any one of a number of different types of vehicle such as PX, PX3, T6.2 or even the older models like a PJ, so ensure whatever you’re buying fits your specific car. Sometimes that’s even specific to the trim level such as Wildtrak or XLT, or whether it’s a single or dual cab, and of course the Raptor is likely to be different again. To ensure compatibility with the 2023 model, look for one or more of: NG, P703, T6.2 or MY2022+ to ensure it’s the current model. You may also see the vehicle listed as MY2022 May onwards, as that’s the month it went on sale.
  • Check mod compatibility: You want a roof rack and a rooftop tent, so make sure your rack will take your tent. Will your long-range tank fit with your underbody protection? Does your preferred towbar work with your service body? The list goes on, and this is where a skilled 4x4 shop will help integrate your Ranger design.
  • Design the whole car: For example, don’t buy suspension unless you’ve thought about how much weight you’ll take - whether you’ll fit a bar and winch. And perhaps you don’t need a roof rack over the cab if you buy a service body.
  • Quality over quantity: There are many vehicles with thousands of dollars worth of equipment thrown at them, and those builds can be fantastic. But you don't need to do that to tour or tow; whatever you do buy, buy once, buy quality.