New 4x4 product: Mick Tighe 4x4 flares and mudflaps for the 300 Series

Flares and mudflaps to suit the 300 Series LandCruiser

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These flares and mudflaps by Mick Tighe 4x4 Outdoor are designed to provide a seamless 35mm offset to suit the new VX, GX, GXL, Sahara, and GR Sport Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series models.

Whether your vehicle is stock, chopped, or you're looking to legally upsize your tyre size, the OTA "300" Flares & Mudflaps kit could be a solution to suit your needs.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, these flares and mudflaps provide an aftermarket solution that effortlessly enhances your car's aesthetic, functionality and build capabilities.

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Both the flares and mudflaps were designed in unison, providing further protection without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

The flares are ABS plastic, a tough, durable, weather-resistant material that comes in a smooth black, easy-to-paint finish with a high-quality aesthetic. The mudflaps are made of UHMWPE for impact-, abrasion- and shock-resistance, non-corrosiveness, UV stability, and long-lasting durability.

It’s finished in a smooth black that blends with the 300 Series’ existing accents.


  • Dual-Cab Conversion (front only): $1175
  • Standard (front and rear): $2349
Glenn Marshall


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