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94ba17df/marks 4wd portal axle for 2023 landcruiser 2 jpg

Marks 4WD portal axles approved for 2023 LandCruisers

Big steps taken by Marks 4WD to create the perfect LandCruiser

fc971d1e/toyota hilux bev concept australia product showcase 04 JPG

Toyota wants an electric 4x4 HiLux with 800km driving range

Right now, Toyota recognises that hybrid is the right solution for lifestyle HiLux customers. Solid-state batteries could change things, though

fc661d22/toyota hilux bev concept australia product showcase 01 JPG

2025 HiLux Revo electric ute concept previews production EV

Shown off at Toyota Australia’s new vehicle showcase, big boss Hanley reckons it’s not the perfect zero-emissions ute just yet

7e641e70/2024 toyota hilux rogue 48 volt australia product showcase 02 JPG

2024 Toyota HiLux and Prado: 48-volt system is 'not a hybrid'

Toyota Australia will avoid the ‘hybrid’ word when referring to its 48-volt system in the updated HiLux and all-new Prado

803013dc/2024 toyota prado reveal leaked 6 jpg

Toyota Prado petrol-electric hybrid "not ruled out" for Australia

Full-hybrid LandCruiser Prado is “not part” of Toyota Australia’s product plan, but it hasn’t ruled it out

26d512cc/toyota hilux hydrogen hero jpeg

Hydrogen fuel cell Toyota HiLux ute in development

Toyota continues to spread its eggs between many low-emissions baskets

a89d1474/2024 toyota landcruiser 70 series 6 jpg

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series: How the four-cylinder auto came to be

Strong customer demand a pivotal reason for four-cylinder, six-speed auto

0c3119f6/2024 toyota tundra australia product showcase 06 JPG

2024 Toyota Tundra: 300 utes to be leased, still not confirmed for local sale

A handful of Toyota loyalists will be able to run right-hand drive Tundra utes, but this isn’t launch confirmation, says Toyota

ea65199e/2024 nissan patrol renders whichcar australia 4 png

“Range Rover-like” 2025 Nissan Patrol to scrap V8

The redesigned ‘Y63’ Nissan Patrol off-roader will reportedly feature a 316kW twin-turbo petrol V6

1bf01a29/2025 nissan navara whichcar australia theottle 02 png

2025 Nissan Navara: New Triton-based ute imagined

It’ll share its DNA with the all-new Triton, so is this what the 2025 Navara will look like?

f5b911a0/earthcruiser hummer ev 1 jpg

EarthCruiser reveals GMC Hummer EV Upfit solution

GMC Hummer EV owners can soon receive the full EarthCruiser treatment

05091fff/2025 toyota prado 3 door rendering theottle whichcar australia 03 png

2025 Toyota Prado 3-door imagined

The 150 Series was available as a three-door, so why not for the 250 Series?

157b1a4c/volkswagen amarok emergency repsonse vehicle 4 jpeg

Volkswagen Amarok emergency service vehicle unveiled

VW unveils prototype fire-and-rescue Amarok

bc141f4c/2025 mitsubishi pajero imagined whichcar australia theottle 01 png

2025 Mitsubishi Pajero imagined with XForce styling

Mitsubishi would love to make a new Pajero – here's what it could look like

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Range 01

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee pricing and features: 7- and 5-seaters

The latest five-seat, standard-wheelbase Jeep Grand Cherokee will arrive in Australia this month, with the plug-in hybrid due later this year

73bc1358/2023 ram 1500 big horn australia 04 jpg

2023 Ram 1500 Big Horn: New, dearer entry model arrives

Ram Trucks Australia continues to expand its 'DT' 1500 line-up as run-out continues for the older 'DS'-series pick-up

aa5c1051/mahindra vision thar jpg

Mahindra Thar.e concept is an all-electric Wrangler lookalike

The Indian automaker has pathed out its off-roading electric SUV design vision, ahead of an EV model roll out

9b9d1483/infiniti qx monograph concept 04 jpg

2025 Nissan Patrol: Next-gen 'Y63' off-roader previewed by Infiniti concept

A new Infiniti concept has previewed the luxury version of the next-generation ‘Y63’ Nissan Patrol off-roader

2d9b12a5/september 2023 cover preview jpg

September 2023 issue of 4X4 Australia is out now

A trio of tough trucks from Rambler, Barra-powered Ford Ranger, and plenty more!

1bcf1226/tjm 2023 volkswagen amarok 8 jpeg

TJM unveils equipment to suit the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok

TJM showcases its range of products for the all-new Amarok

21a5122d/2024 mahindra global pik up 1 jpg

Mahindra reveals Global Pik Up concept as HiLux, Ranger rival

Indian brand Mahindra has been playing the ute game for ages, but this is its first pick-up with global sales intentions

b4db146a/earthcruiser extreme 330 xtr6x6 15 jpg

Earthcruiser Extreme 330 XTR6x6 unveiled

Stretched and loaded to the max, this epic 6x6 is ready for any adventure

bf3a2230/2024 mitsubishi pajero sport rendering theottle whichcar australia 01 png

2024 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: New Triton-based SUV imagined

A Pajero Sport would be based on the Triton's new ladder frame – this is what it could look like

e2c12254/2025 toyota landcruiser 25 toyota jimado theottle whichcar australia 01 jpg

Toyota Prado imagined as a Jimny-based 'LandCruiser 25'

Japanese icons Toyota and Suzuki have a product-sharing agreement in some markets. Here, we imagine a baby LandCruiser as a restyled Jimny