Outback Series canopies from Camp King Industries is a one-stop solution

The dual-cab ute now has an ideal add-on to take touring to the next level

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The Camp King Industries Outback Series maximises the capabilities of a standard dual-cab ute tub, offering a fast and simple sleeping solution as well as secure storage in one simple solution.

Inspired by the expanding overlanding market, this Australian-designed and manufactured product offers something revolutionary by integrating Camp King Industries’ world-class rooftop tent into a tub-mounted canopy.

Each unit has been designed and manufactured to be vehicle-specific, creating a product that can be installed without any modifications to the vehicle's tub.

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Camp King Industries prides itself on manufacturing buy-once products that will be used for many years to come. All of its products are handmade in-house by a team of skilled welders and assemblers.

“Camp King Industries was formed in 2016 by Lucas and Sarah to create products within the adventure and overland industry, from a passion for camping, the outdoor lifestyle and manufacturing the highest quality products possible,” said Brendan Davis, sales and business development manager at Camp King Industries.

“We saw a desire in the market for travellers who wanted an all-in-one solution for a tub canopy and our rooftop tent, whilst not having to modify the factory tub. So, the Outback Series was created.”

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The Jeep Gladiator and next-gen Ranger are the latest additions to the range available in the Outback Series in Australia.

The perfect base for these dual-cab camper setups offers sheltered living space when the weather is bad and enhanced privacy, with the ability to access the bed through the tub. The lift-up bed base then allows plenty of room to stand up, get changed or sit and relax.

Being able to leave all bedding inside the tent, setting up takes less than two minutes. The Outback Series is lightweight, weighing less than 150kg, and there is a range of accessories that will turn your ute into the ideal touring vehicle such as free-standing awnings, canvas storage bags, molle panels, water tanks and internal drawers.

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The rooftop tent design is unique to Camp King Industries, with the one-piece aluminium roof fully TIG-welded and secured with a specialised Orlock riveting system.

The canvas is Australian Made Wax Convertors Coolabah Tear Stop canvas, trusted for its performance in even the harshest conditions. A 10mm-thick closed-cell foam insulates the internal roof, and there are six internal storage pouches plus an LED light, two USB ports and a 12V powerpoint. The included mattress is a high-quality 100mm high-density two-piece.

The body unit construction is laser-cut 3mm aluminium and is fully TIG welded with a 2mm top, finished with a superior powder-coat. Three full-sized doors with stainless steel latches that can be padlocked over the centre for security provide easy access to the tub. Industrial strength 3M seals on the tent opening and unit are water- and dust-proof.

RRP: Starts from $15,800

Glenn Marshall


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