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90e31b61/2022 toyota landcruiser 79 70th anniversary edition 35 jpg

The top six off-road expedition vehicles

Not all 4x4s are suited to long-distance, remote-area expeditions, so the 4X4 Australia team share their six top choices

c2431cb5/2024 toyota prado v toyota fortuner whichcar australia png
4x4 Comparisons

2024 Toyota Prado vs 2023 Toyota Fortuner: SPEC BATTLE!

It’s a virtual battle of the big wagon siblings, and the Toyota pairing of the Fortuner and Prado have never been closer. Let’s go to the spec sheets

21381642/2023 volkswagen amarok pan americana 060 jpg

2023 Volkswagen Amarok review: Australia’s best dual-cab?

The second-gen Amarok is bigger, more luxurious and even better to drive – but is it the new king of the dual-cab segment?

4d352386/2024 mitsubishi triton v 2023 ford ranger spec battle whichcar mike stevens png
4x4 Comparisons

New 2024 Mitsubishi Triton vs Ford Ranger: SPEC BATTLE!

What differences exist between the fresh new Mitsubishi ute and its class-leading Ford rival?

c25d09fa/nissanpatrolgu 224 legendedition jpg

Nissan Patrol history: 60 Series, MQ, GQ and GU

An in-depth look at the Patrol's long and proud history

10 greatest 4x4s of all time

The 10 greatest 4x4s of all time

Some 4x4s have made more of an impact on the world than others, but just which ones have made the biggest difference? We ask our team of 4x4 experts

9eeb1afc/toyota landcruiser prado history 1996 2020 36 cropped jpg

Toyota Prado Australian history and buyer’s guide: 1996-2023

How the Prado became the middleweight king, and which model to buy on the second-hand market

70b413f0/2024 toyota prado v ford everest png
4x4 Comparisons

New 2024 Toyota Prado v Ford Everest: SPEC BATTLE!

How does Ford’s reigning Car of the Year provisionally stack up against the hugely hyped fifth-generation Toyota Prado? Let’s go to the spec sheets and find out

2eae1a14/2024 toyota prado 250 v prado 150 whichcar australia png
4x4 Comparisons

All-New 2024 Toyota Prado vs 2023 Prado: SPEC BATTLE!

The upcoming 250 series Prado is set to see a price hike, so let's find out how it compares to the 150 series it will replace

785b1e92/2024 toyota prado v landcruiser 300 series whichcar australia png
4x4 Comparisons

2024 Toyota Prado vs LandCruiser 300 Series: SPEC BATTLE!

What are the differences between these two large frame-based off-roaders?

380216e3/ford ranger xls long term shed update 3 jpeg

2020 Ford Ranger XLS Sport long-term review

Deano's loaded Ranger XLS is an all-terrain tourer

b71f135d/edewar 230713 2023 gwm tank 300 4x4 1695 jpg

2023 GWM Tank 300 Ultra review

Petrol-powered Tank 300 is off-road-ready and comes with an enticing price tag

625a0e60/ford ranger xl 11 jpg

Entry-level 2023 Ford Ranger XL off-road review

A quick outback spin in the Ford Ranger XL gives us a feel for the entry-level ute

c00d1058/2023 ford ranger build 1 jpg

2023 Ford Ranger build: Living with the V6 Sport

Our Ranger Sport has transformed into one of the best 4x4 touring rigs around

82cf13f7/2023 volkswagen amarok life ute 1 jpg

2023 VW Amarok Core and Life review: first drives

Entry-level 4x4 utes priced upwards of $50K might be a bit rich for some but the least-expensive Amaroks don’t feel like base model vehicles

fb11116c/2023 mahindra pikup auto 30 jpg

2023 Mahindra PikUp S11 auto review

Mahindra’s rugged little PikUp ute gets an automatic transmission for the first time, making it more appealing to more drivers

13371665/2023 nissan patrol warrior by premcar 9 jpg

2023 Nissan Patrol Warrior review: Pre-production prototype

Nissan Patrol Warrior breaks cover, but it’s not done yet

743913c9/2023 mitsubishi triton xtreme 19 jpg

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Xtreme by Walkinshaw review: First drive

Walkinshaw and Mitsubishi are launching a new Triton halo, and we’ve driven it

43dd1d740Yy/ford everest platinum vs toyota landcruiser 300 sahara 63 jpg
4x4 Comparisons

2023 Ford Everest Platinum versus Toyota LandCruiser 300 Sahara

Can the challenging Everest land one on the undisputed champion, the all-conquering LandCruiser?

fb2715eb/2023 volkswagen amarok panamericana 15 jpg

2023 Volkswagen Amarok PanAmericana review: First Australian drive

Getting off-road in Volkswagen’s all-new Amarok

df821166/defender old versus new png
4x4 Comparisons

Old versus new: 2016 Defender 130 vs 2022 Defender 110

Two Land Rover Defenders taken on a 2500km trip through Botswana. Which one is best suited for bush travel?

d5b31074/2023 ram 1500 trx review 46 jpg

2023 RAM 1500 TRX review

Taking a TRX to its natural habitat, in pursuit of high-speed dirt tracks

f3cd15ca/2023 mahindra scorpio launch review 12 jpg

2023 Mahindra Scorpio review: Australian first drive

Our first local drive of the budget-priced 4x4 all-rounder finds there's more on offer than just value.

2023 Chevrolet Silverado

2023 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 and LTZ Premium: Launch review

Chevrolet Silverado arrives locally, ready to bring the fight to RAM's 1500