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Tents come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit any activity, while awnings provide shade and protection from the elements.

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Australia’s best rooftop tents in 2023

A good way to avoid crocs, bull ants, scorpions and other bities is to get off the ground and stay dry on top of your 4WD in a rooftop tent

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Alu-Cab LT-50 rooftop tent released in Australia

The latest rooftop tent from Alu-Cab is one of the lightest on the market

4 X 4 Australia Gear 2023 O Ztrail Tarkine 1400 Rooftop Tent 55

OZtrail Tarkine 1400 rooftop tent review

The Tarkine is a traditional foldout rooftop tent from OZtrail that is packed with clever features and is oh-so comfortable

4 X 4 Australia Gear 4 X 4 Buyersguide Cover Lightweighthikingtents

Best lightweight hiking tents in Australia

We’ve scoured the lightweight hiking tents market to present the best in overnight bush accommodation options for singe or multiple hikers

OZtrail Birdsville 1400 rooftop tent

MU-X Build: OZtrail Birdsville 1400 rooftop tent

OZtrail’s all-new Birdsville 1400 hybrid rooftop tent transforms our MU-X

Family Tents Header

The Best Family Tents in Australia 2023

From inflatable and instant tents to dome tents and multi-room configurations, the 4X4 Australia team has sourced some of the biggest names in the tent game to keep all the family happy, at peace and sheltered, in the great outdoors.

1200 X 648 Awnings

The Best 270-Degree Awnings in Australia

Everything you need to know about 270-degree 4x4 awnings

Drifta Stockton Wild Land rooftop tent

Drifta Stockton Wild Land rooftop tent review

Wild land is a new generation of hard-shell rooftop tent

New 4x4 gear may 2021

4x4 gear: Tents, bullbars, camping kit and more

A closer look at some new tents, bullbars, camping gear and more.

ARB Base Rack + TJM awning range

New 4x4 gear: ARB Base Rack + TJM awning range

A closer look at TJM's updated range of awnings and a new storage system from ARB.

ARB Awning MAIN 1 Jpg

Our Ranger gets loaded with an ARB Awning and Light Kit

A vehicle-mounted awning is the quickest and easiest way to deal with the weather conditions. We fitted an ARB Awning to our ranger.

Narva Colt 1000 + Rubicon tent rack with Hutch tent + Rhino-Rack Backbone

Narva Colt 1000 + Rubicon tent rack with Hutch tent + Rhino-Rack Backbone

New 4x4 gear from Narva, Rhino-Rack, Rubicon and Hutch.

New 4x4 Gear Dometic solar blanket Black Wolf tent Carbon offroad soft shackles

New 4x4 Gear: Dometic solar blanket, Black Wolf tent, Carbon offroad soft shackles

Cool new 4x4 solutions for the intrepid.

Ground Grabba tent peg screw product test

Ground Grabba tent peg screw: product test

Sick of hammering tent pegs into Mother Earth?

New 4x4 Gear Ironman 4x4 awning Ledlenser ML6 Sea to Summit sleeping bag

New 4x4 Gear: Ironman 4x4 awning, Ledlenser ML6, Sea to Summit sleeping bag

With 4x4 gear like these, camping out doesn't mean roughing it out.

Ironman 4x4 Instant Awning video review

Ironman 4x4 Instant Awning video review

Set up your overnight digs in a matter of minutes.

New 4x4 Gear EFS work lights Goal Zero power pack Oztent

New 4x4 Gear: EFS work lights, Goal Zero power pack, Oztent

Go off-grid but don't be left in the dark with these 4x4 gear.

New 4 X 4 Gear Rhino Rack Awning Ironman Recovery Points 4 X 4 Trip Essentials Jpg

New 4x4 Gear: Rhino-Rack awning; Ironman 4x4 recovery points; 4x4 trip essentials

From portable awnings to portable mobile network boosters, don't leave home without these new gear.

New 4x4 Gear Ironman 4x4 suspension upgrade Pelican iPhone cases Oztent family tent

New 4x4 Gear: Ironman 4x4 suspension; Pelican iPhone cases; Oztent family tent

Don't leave home without these selection of new gear for your next 4x4 trip.

4x4 australia february gear new stuff

New 4x4 Gear: Decked storage system; Black Wolf tent; ARB jump starter

Jump starter kit, tents, and Hema Maps guides for your travel needs.

gear guide 1

Best 4x4 gear of 2017: TJM Airtec snorkel, Ironman 4x4 awning, Projecta Power Hub and more

Terrain Tamer Clutch Kit, TJM Airtec Snorkel, TJM Outback Bar, Ironman 4x4 Instant Awning, Ironman 4x4 D-Max Bullbar, and Projecta Power Hub.


Best 4x4 gear of 2017: Ironman 4x4 power pack, Blackwolf tent, EFS bullbars and more

Dometic Waeco CFX Fridge, PWR Intercooler and Pipe Kit, Yakima Lockn’Load, Ironman 4x4 Portable Power Pack, Blackwolf Tent, and EFS Adventure Series Bullbars.

1 gear guide

Best 4x4 gear of 2017: ARB recovery kit, Aisin clutch kit, EZDown and more

ARB Weekend Recovery Kit, Rhino-Rack Foxwing Awning, Diesel Power Chip, Aisin Clutch Kit, Outback Accessories’ Fuel Tank, and EZDown.

Darche Awning

Darche Awning: Product test

Turning to Darche for a new awning was an easy choice