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2017 HRT Commodore Supercar

VIDEO: Robert & Shane Van Gisbergen do Father’s Day battle

Father’s Day is a bigger deal in racing families, apparently!

Shane van Gisbergen battles his dad on tarmac and dirt

VIDEO: Shane van Gisbergen battles his dad on tarmac and dirt

Inter-generational battle spans the Tasman, on both tarmac and gravel

2024 Nissan Leaf Rendering Theottle Whichcar Australia 01 Copy

2025 Nissan Leaf replacement to be ‘mini-Ariya’ small SUV

It probably won't look like the hatch we've presented in this story, but at least we know a new Leaf is coming

How to check 4x4 tyre pressures

4WD tyre pressure guide

Tailoring the air pressure in your tyres to suit different terrain types has many benefits, for both you and your rig

9e580fcb/nevera time attack 2 jpg

Rimac Nevera sets Nürburgring Nordschleife EV lap record

Rimac's quad-motor Nevera has electrified the 'Ring

91c717bf/rambler vehicles lc300 lc79 and silverado 16 jpg
Custom 4x4s

A trio of top-tier touring trucks from Rambler 4x4

We drive three of Rambler’s best to crown the ultimate touring off-roader

21381642/2023 volkswagen amarok pan americana 060 jpg

2023 Volkswagen Amarok review: Australia’s best dual-cab?

The second-gen Amarok is bigger, more luxurious and even better to drive – but is it the new king of the dual-cab segment?

2244166b/2024 kia ev9 gt line australia preview 06 jpg

2024 Kia EV9 walk-around review: Electric SUV due in October

Local ride and handling development for Kia's largest and heaviest vehicle yet, the all-electric EV9, has been completed ahead of its October arrival

1d031226/aston martin db12 volante 1 jpg

The Aston Martin DB12 Volante looks even better without a roof

Aston’s latest drop-top is a grand tourer with looks good enough to drop jaws

cd011088/2023 mg4 suv srawlings 41 jpg

2024 MG 4 review: Full range detailed

The MG 4 is a budget-friendly small electric hatchback in Australia. Learn about the MG 4 range including price, interior, boot space, safety assists and performance

90ca1433/carnage lexcen haltech wiring 30 jpg

Video: Using a Haltech universal loom to wire up our V8 Lexcen

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty begins the process of wiring the Haltech ECU into our 1UZ V8-swapped Lexcen project

09151ccb/2024 hyundai santa fe suv the all new santa fe exterior 06 jpg

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe revealed: Hybrid to continue, 2.5T replaces petrol V6

Hyundai admits that it expects more from its brash new Santa Fe in a rapidly heating large SUV sector – but there’s some notable omissions from the Australian spec sheet

d0bf107b/2023 mg 4 drive day hero 1 jpg

2023 MG 4 Essence 64kWh review: Australian launch

Is the MG 4 the answer to EV affordability in Australia? The spacious hatchback makes a strong case for itself

e2c12254/2025 toyota landcruiser 25 toyota jimado theottle whichcar australia 01 jpg

Toyota Prado imagined as a Jimny-based 'LandCruiser 25'

Japanese icons Toyota and Suzuki have a product-sharing agreement in some markets. Here, we imagine a baby LandCruiser as a restyled Jimny

f6932bec/2025 toyota prado ute toyota hilux toyota 70 series ute rendering theottle whichcar australia 01 png

A 2025 Toyota Prado Ute? Yes please

Whether you want to call it a Prado ute or a new-generation, retro-styled 70 Series ute, we are very on-board with this design

86af1b71/2024 nissan z nismo z australia confirmed whichcar 41 jpg

2024 Nissan Nismo Z: Auto-only flagship priced from $94K

Nismo Z gets honed suspension, bigger brakes more grunt, and $94K price tag

fe811112/carnage barra mx 5 1000hp 8 jpg

Video: Our Barra-swapped MX-5 cracks 1000hp at the hubs!

In this episode of Carnage, our little Mazda that could dips into the four digit club by cracking 1000rwhp out of its Barra engine

0b5a275a/2024 ford mustang dark horse blue ember coupe 24 darkhourse blueember mediadrive nc 09 jpeg

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse review: First international drive

We saddle up in the raciest version of Ford's seventh-generation pony car to discover a sports coupe that entertains the driver beyond its V8 engine

91c2141c/2024 ford mustang unreal engine 03 png

Video-game tech targets younger Mustang buyers

Unreal Engine 3D creation tool used for legendary computer driving games comes to Ford’s muscle car.

02830c17/barra mx5 1 jpg

Video: Barra-powered MX-5 modified for 1000hp at the hubs!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty gives the Lightning McBarra MX-5 one final round of mods, with the goal of making over 1000hp at the hubs

f9350c27/merculese jpg

Award-winning Australian custom car found up for auction in Turkiye!

The wild WA-built V10 Mercury known as Mercules is currently up for auction in Turkiye

d11d1560/2024 mitusbishi triton gls driving 1 jpg

2024 Mitsubishi Triton: Everything we know – fully revealed!

Mitsubishi has unveiled the new Triton ute, with a new ladder frame chassis and updated engine

8ffe13ec/carnage lexcen 1uz v8 fab work 12 jpg

Video: Turbo and intercooler piping for the 1UZ V8 Lexcen!

In this episode of Carnage, our 1UZ V8 Lexcen gets a stack of awesome fab work done as it edges closer to its first fire-up

6a33213d/2024 toyota corolla hatch renderings theottle whichcar australia 01 png

2025 Toyota Corolla imagined in hatch and sedan forms – would this grab you?

A new-generation Toyota Corolla could take its styling cues from the latest Prius and Crown models – and it might look a little something like this