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4ed50ded/my24polestar2092 jpg

Polestar wants lower emissions, not beat Tesla in sales figures

The Sino-Swedish EV maker isn’t set on beating Tesla at its own game

d14a1907/2024 mercedes benz eqb facelift global reveal 6 jpg

Why did Mercedes-Benz Australia introduce the agency model?

German car maker's controversial decision to switch was not met well, to say the least, but what was the rationale behind it?

911613e1/2024 tesla model 3 facelift leak 02 jpg

2024 Tesla Model 3 refresh: Everything we know so far

Here’s the definitive guide on what to expect for the rumoured 2024 Tesla Model 3 update

29051d57/03 2024 hyundai ioniq 5 n exterior driving circuit front 02a jpg

2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N pricing confirmed!

Customers will have 12 hours to snaffle up the first batch of Hyundai’s high-performance EV, with orders opening on September 15

HSV SV300 roadtrip review classic MOTOR

Father and son roadtrip with an HSV SV300

Julian's got an HSV. Ollie just wants one. We cut them loose in the SV300 for a weekend of high-speed father and son bonding

474d1303/2024 volkswagen passat wagon 2 jpg

2024 Volkswagen Passat wagon revealed, Australia ruled out

This is the new Passat wagon, but it isn’t coming to Australia

3452126c/2024 jeep compass hybrid 4xe 2 jpg

2024 Jeep Compass hybrids confirmed for Australia

Jeep has confirmed that a hybrid version of its medium SUV will hit Oz next year

d0c414b7/2024 ram trx final edition rm024 163fn jpg

The RAM TRX is facing extinction!

High-flying, V8-powered ute will soon be no more. But there is a successor planned…

a0830fc4/bmw x5 vr6 armoured 3 jpg

Aussie PM’s bullet-proof BMW scores an update; becomes ultimate Toorak tank

2024 BMW X5 Protection can withstand rounds from an AK-47

c07014e6/2024 skoda kodiaq interior teaser 01 jpg

2024 Skoda Kodiaq, Superb interiors revealed

More screens, including 'smart dials', for the closely-related all-new Skoda Kodiaq and Superb due in 2024

ed331575/2024 alfa romeo 33 stradale supplied 26 jpg

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale reborn in turbo V6 and all-electric forms

Alfa’s first supercar since the 8C might be more gorgeous still – If a whole lot pricier, too

2017 HRT Commodore Supercar

VIDEO: Robert & Shane Van Gisbergen do Father’s Day battle

Father’s Day is a bigger deal in racing families, apparently!

Shane van Gisbergen battles his dad on tarmac and dirt

VIDEO: Shane van Gisbergen battles his dad on tarmac and dirt

Inter-generational battle spans the Tasman, on both tarmac and gravel

a57608e1214/edewar 220212 coty 6227 jpg

Mercedes Australia wins landmark agency model court case

High-profile legal battle ends with a decisive verdict that’s likely to impact Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct

94ba17df/marks 4wd portal axle for 2023 landcruiser 2 jpg

Marks 4WD portal axles approved for 2023 LandCruisers

Big steps taken by Marks 4WD to create the perfect LandCruiser

8e2e1881/mercedes amg eqs at tesla supercharger usa jpg

Tesla significantly expands Superchargers to all EVs in Australia, but...

All EVs can now access more Tesla Superchargers in Australia – if you’re willing to pay

eaf3197a/2024 toyota prado australia product showcase 01 JPG

2023 Toyota Australia new-vehicle showcase: What we learned

Here's everything we learned from Toyota Australia's mini motor-show held in Melbourne this week

fc971d1e/toyota hilux bev concept australia product showcase 04 JPG

Toyota wants an electric 4x4 HiLux with 800km driving range

Right now, Toyota recognises that hybrid is the right solution for lifestyle HiLux customers. Solid-state batteries could change things, though

fc661d22/toyota hilux bev concept australia product showcase 01 JPG

2025 HiLux Revo electric ute concept previews production EV

Shown off at Toyota Australia’s new vehicle showcase, big boss Hanley reckons it’s not the perfect zero-emissions ute just yet

7e641e70/2024 toyota hilux rogue 48 volt australia product showcase 02 JPG

2024 Toyota HiLux and Prado: 48-volt system is 'not a hybrid'

Toyota Australia will avoid the ‘hybrid’ word when referring to its 48-volt system in the updated HiLux and all-new Prado

b4fd17ce/2023 toyota rav4 gxl hybrid srawlings 230724 28 jpg

Toyota tells customers "there is no need to pay over the odds"

Toyota customers should not accept dealer mark-ups when buying a brand-new vehicle, says exec

803013dc/2024 toyota prado reveal leaked 6 jpg

Toyota Prado petrol-electric hybrid "not ruled out" for Australia

Full-hybrid LandCruiser Prado is “not part” of Toyota Australia’s product plan, but it hasn’t ruled it out

26d512cc/toyota hilux hydrogen hero jpeg

Hydrogen fuel cell Toyota HiLux ute in development

Toyota continues to spread its eggs between many low-emissions baskets

a89d1474/2024 toyota landcruiser 70 series 6 jpg

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series: How the four-cylinder auto came to be

Strong customer demand a pivotal reason for four-cylinder, six-speed auto